We are The Lovely Developers.

We're a group of friends around the world who make a few things, including:


A bespoke bot for the most special channel in the Relay FM member Discord.


A test-bed for Discord bot features. They may call you a 🐌.

Relay FM for St. Jude

A widget app showing the progress of the 2021 Relay FM St. Jude fundraiser. Donate today!

The Nutbush Dance

Our tribute to the greatest collaboration between Tina Turner and Australia since Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.


Now on TestFlight. An app for sharing formatted dates in Discord.

We are Alex, Ben, Brian, David, Dom, Ellen, Grey, Izzy, Justin, Kate, Kirk, Madi, Majd, Matt C, Matt VO, Rosemary, Skyler, Tony, and Zach.