We are The Lovely Developers.

We're a group of friends around the world who make a few things, including:


Available on the App Store. Time zones make talking to people online about times and dates complicated. Elsewhen makes it easier by letting you pick a date and time in a particular time zone that can be copied as Discord time code (which shows the time in each user’s time zone), or a list of times in time zones you choose, which can be shared anywhere you wish.


A bespoke bot for the most special channel in the Relay FM member Discord.

Relay FM for St. Jude

(Currently inactive) A widget app that shows the progress of the 2023 Relay FM for St. Jude fundraising event and individual community fundraisers.


A test-bed for Discord bot features. They may call you a 🐌.

Really incredibly talented group who produce things at quite a pace. Myke Hurley, Cortex #122: State of the Apps 2022

We are Alex, Ben, Brian, David, Dom, Ellen, Grey, Izzy, Justin, Kate, Madi, Majd, Matt C, Matt VO, Nic, Rosemary, Skyler, Tony, and Zach.